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Hear Wilson’s Speech “On Labor” The 1912 presidential election featured four candidates: Republican incumbent William Howard Taft, Democratic Governor Woodrow Wilson, former President Theodore Roosevelt representing the breakaway Bull Moose party, and Socialist Party candidate Eugene Debs, who was making his fourth run for President.

William Howard Taft (September 15, 1857 – March 8, 1930) was the 27th president of the United States (1909–1913) and the tenth chief justice of the United States (1921–1930), the only person to have held both offices. Taft was elected president in 1908, the chosen successor of Theodore Roosevelt, but was defeated for re-election by Woodrow Wilson in 1912 after Roosevelt split the.

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Twenty-seventh President of the United States, born in Cincinnati, Ohio, on the 15th of September 1857. His father, Alphonso Taft, had a distinguished career in government, becoming Secretary of War and US Attorney General under Ulysses S. Grant. William Howard Taft attended the public schools of.

The United States presidential election of 1912 was the 32nd quadrennial presidential election, held on Tuesday, November 5, 1912. Democratic Governor Woodrow Wilson of New Jersey unseated incumbent Republican President William Howard Taft and defeated former President Theodore Roosevelt, who ran as the Progressive Party ("Bull Moose") nominee. Roosevelt remains the only third party.

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Free, online Great Depression History Videos. George Washington became our 1st president in 1789. Since then, 41 others have held this office – some more than once.

On April 2, 1917, he prepared an evening speech to a joint session of Congress seeking. His predecessor, 300-plus-pound William Howard Taft, helped to popularize the game in America. Wilson’s.

William Jennings Bryan was elected to Congress twice, 1890 and 1892. His influence grew rapidly, due largely to his strong advocacy of free silver, opposition to high protective tariffs and oratorical skills. In 1894, Bryan worked to unite the Democrats and Populists in Nebraska, but.

Aug 21, 2018  · William McKinley served in the U.S. Congress and as governor of Ohio before running for the presidency in 1896. As a longtime champion of protective tariffs, the Republican McKinley ran on a.

Hear TR’s Speech “The Liberty of the People” The 1912 presidential election offered American voters a choice between a conservative and generally unpopular Republican incumbent (William Howard Taft), a moderate governor who won the heavily contested Democratic nomination (Woodrow Wilson), third party candidate former President Theodore Roosevelt, and a Socialist Party candidate running.

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Warren G. Harding Biography. Warren Gamaliel Harding, twenty-ninth President of the United States, was born on November 2, 1865, on the family farm at Blooming Grove, Morrow County, Ohio.

First Lady Biography: Helen Taft. HELEN LOUISE "NELLIE" HERRON TAFT. Birth: 2 June, 1861 Cincinnati, Ohio. She was called "Nellie" from childhood on. The nickname served as a further distinction from her daughter Helen.

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On April 2, 1917, he prepared an evening speech to a joint session of Congress seeking. His predecessor, 300-plus-pound William Howard Taft, helped to popularize the game in America. Wilson’s.

The foreign relations of the United States actually and potentially affect the state of the Union to a degree not widely realized and hardly surpassed by any other factor in the welfare of the whole nation.

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Taft. William Howard Taft was born in Ohio just before the coming of the Civil War. He followed in the footsteps of his father who was a very popular judge in Cincinnati, after attending Yale.