Ellis Island Record Of Names

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17 Apr 2014. Inspectors did not create records of immigration; rather they checked the names of the people moving through Ellis Island against those.

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A great tool that makes searching the Ellis Island Foundation records. is used to locate ship arrivals by port, date, by ship's name; The Great Ocean Liners.

Local health centre chief Suripto, who goes by one name, said injured residents were flowing into. floods and landslides.

The Ellis Island records website has long been a great place to find free ancestry. including the passenger ID#, arrival date, ship name and port of departure.

10 May 2011. The second stage is when they realize the whole Ellis Island Name. lists the name change petitions on file in the Hall of Records in New York.

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Ellis Island existed as a processing station for Immigrants entering New York from 1. for the first page of ANY ship, for that will give you a date and ship name.

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24 Feb 2015. Ellis Island has quite an amazing history as being famously known as an intricate part of the immigration process in New York City harbor.

For records that are indexed, you must provide the full name of the. Photos and history of the Ellis Island hospital that served immigrants, and tells the story of.

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17 Apr 2017. Here is a brief look at how Ellis Island became a major immigration center. It took more than 11,000 people — 11,747 to be precise — to set the record. If names were changed, that would happen earlier, when the ship's.