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Democrats view the upcoming election as a must-win. Biggest strength: Bennet is viewed as a wonky, issue-oriented pragmatist who has won tough campaigns, which could be a winning combination for.

But a partial picture of a new approach to managing a record influx of immigrants at the southern border came into view on.

Joe Biden Shares the Views of the Democratic Party on Trade (Image Link. it seems his position on this issue may help.

The views of President Trump and. How do Senate Democrats and President Trump manage to see eye to eye on this issue,

Eighty percent of those age 65 and older said they would prioritize defeating Trump, a view shared. question of issue priority was asked of 444 respondents who said they were Democrats.

(CNN) – Democratic Rep. Katie Hill said the "shame" and the "emotional turmoil" she felt while deciding as a teenager whether.

That’s attracted criticism from some on the left who want the candidates to take a strong stance on issues of. the time.

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Amy Klobuchar, the 2020 Democratic candidate from Minnesota. and overturn the Supreme Court precedent on ABC’s “The View”.

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The massive field of Democrats vying to unseat President Donald. presidential campaign and continued to highlight.

Democratic pollster Celinda Lake notes that women tend to be more religious than men, and this aligns with more conservative.

Democrats erupted with loud and sustained outrage in an effort to reclaim the upper hand on a politically sensitive issue.

Reacting to a Fox News interview with Attorney General William Barr that included Barr essentially threatening Democrats who.

Democratic Rep. Katie Hill said the "shame" and the "emotional turmoil" she felt while deciding as a teenager whether to terminate her pregnancy helped shape her views "forever" on abortion and the.

After working for her father’s anti-gay advocacy group and drafting relevant legislation, she was forced to apologize for her.

Sen. Amy Klobuchar visited “The View” to discuss her presidential campaign, but host Joy Behar had to quiet Meghan McCain so.

Democrats view Obama’s law as one of their greatest recent achievements, and see efforts to strengthen it as perhaps their.

They are the Democratic candidates seeking their party’s 2020. That’s when some races were won or lost — depending on your.

“The senator’s views are increasingly what. to campaign on domestic “bread and butter” issues. “You don’t have a lot of.

Joe Biden is set to shift into a new — and riskier — phase of his campaign for the 2020 Democratic. policy issues like.

“There will be virtual unanimity that tariffs are bad, but there will also be a strong view that we have to get tough on.