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KAI USA owns a couple of the bigger brands in the knife industry. Their main brand is Kershaw, their cooking brand is Shun, and their hard use high quality brand, Zero Tolerance.

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The Western Knife Company was a manufacturer of hunting knives which began operations in Boulder, Colorado in 1896. The company is probably best known for its "Bowie" style hunting knives.The company was purchased by Coleman (the famous manufacturer of outdoor equipment) in 1984. Camillus Cutlery Company purchased Western in 1992. In February, 2007, Camillus closed as a result of bankruptcy.

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Ontario Knife Company is an international manufacturer of premium quality American-made knives, fixed blades, folding blades, tools, and cutlery.

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Camillus Cutlery Company of Camillus, N.Y., is the other well-known manufacturer of the USMC fighting utility knife and continues to make this blade to its original specifications. The Remington Cutlery Company was bought by the PAL Blade and Tool Company (Plattsburg, N.Y.) shortly before WWII.

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Oct 29, 2009  · From "The Knife makers Who Went West" by Harvey Platts. If anyone has a question about Western Cutlery, Western States Cutlery, of Boulder Colorado, this is a very nice reference book.

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Multi-Blade Pocket Knives. Having multiple blades enables you to carry one pocket knife that can do the job of two or three. Multi-blade pocket knives generally have two, three or four blades.

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History of the KA-BAR. This is when we finally get to the iconic knife. When the United States entered the war in late 1941, soldiers were issued the same Mark 1 trench knives used in the first World War. wasn’t the first company to produce the new knives — it wasn’t even the largest supplier of the knives. Camillus Cutlery Company.

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No More Camillus Knives At the end of February 2007, Camillus Cutlery (Camillus, NY) closed its doors for the last time. was known for its pocket knives, but also made Boy Scout utility knives, Western knives, and military/tactical fighting knives. The company remained in its original location, on the banks of Nine Mile Creek, for all the.

United States Service history Used by United States Marine Corps United States Navy: Wars World War II. KA-BAR is the trademark and namesake of a related knife manufacturing company, KA-BAR Knives., Inc. (formerly Union Cutlery Co.). the first production run was shipped by Camillus Cutlery Co. on January 27,

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The Demo knife design seems to date back to 1945, although even the former Camillus company historian can’t pinpoint it for sure. It specs out like a fairly typical mid-century 4-bladed camping knife with a 2.75 inch spear point blade, can opener, screwdriver/bottle opener, and awl.

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Nov 20, 2013  · Collins Bros. (Walter & Michael) Atlanta, GA Limited edition by Camillus 1970-1973 became Bowen Knife Co. 1973. Corliss Cutlery Germany import- Kastor "Corliss Cut. Ger." Corning Knife Co. Camillus brand 1930’s. Cornwall Knife Co. Camillus brand 1930’s "Cornwall Knife Co…

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Camillus Cutlery Co., the first manufacturer to supply the Ka-Bar Combat Knife under contract, also produced the largest number of such knives, producing over one million examples marked "Camillus.N.Y." on the knife’s crossguard before the war ended.

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